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Acumen Diagnostics Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based private clinical laboratory licensed by the MOH. Visit us at

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Founded in 2020 as a subsidiary of the Q & M Dental Group Singapore (SGX: QC7), the Acumen team began with humble origins as Acumen Research Laboratories, a research-contract organisation established in 2010 by Dr Ong Siew Hwa. 


Acumen thrives on innovation and versatility, hingeing on high technology capabilities to serve the Ministry of Health, the Health Promotion Board, private healthcare institutions, and the public. 


Since its first mission against the COVID-19 pandemic, Acumen has processed samples for close to a million COVID-19 PCR swabs and for other infectious diseases, such as sepsis and hospitalised pneumonia. 

We continue to harness our high-technology capabilities in our expanding list of test services, including cancer screening services. 

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