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All clinical testing services are offered by Acumen Diagnostics Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Colorectal Cancer PCR Screening

Analysis: PCR

Sample: Blood (venipuncture)

Analyte: mSeptin9 DNA

Screen for colorectal cancer regularly. Our doctor tele-consultation and blood test services provide convenience, accuracy, and reliability. Learn more

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Cervical Cancer HPV + Pap Tests

Analysis: PCR & Pap Smear

Sample: Self-swab specimens

Detects high-risk HPV variants via PCR in addition to Pap Test

Self-swab screening services provide convenience, privacy, accuracy, and reliability. (Coming soon)

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Approved for pre-event testing and pre-departure travellers for all destination countries.

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Colorectal Cancer Screening PCR Test

Singapore's top cancer is highly treatable when detected early. With tele-consultation services and a single blood draw, avoid inconvenient stool sampling and invasive colonoscopy procedures. 


Simple Workflow

with patient safety
and convenience assured. 


Book an Appointment

Book through or with any of our partner clinics


Pre-Test Consultation

A specialist will guide you through the procedure and provide advice


Sample Collection

Sample collection at the clinic or clinical laboratory

(home services coming soon)


Post-Test Consultation

The specialist will best advise your next-steps based on your test results

Self-Swab HPV + Pap Tests for Cervical Cancer Screening & Prevention

1 Swab, 2 Test

Swab with confidence in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Service coming soon. 

Latest update: 29-Mar-2023


Simple Workflow

with patient safety, privacy, 
and convenience assured. 


Complete Form

Complete this form (coming soon), make payment, and receive your personalised self-swab kit within 3-5 business days


Swab & Mail

Swab and return the kit to any SingPost box


Receive Results

Receive results within 5-7 calendar days
(via email)

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